What is provided & what should I bring?

Your dog’s stay here is ‘all inclusive’

We ensure that all pets are comfortable, and so have a huge stock of all sorts of rugs, blankets, pillows, cushions and duvets. We make a comfy ‘squishy’ nest for dogs on their sofa. Our supplies cannot, however, replace the familiar scent of your doggie’s home- a little comfort blanket may help your pet settle in. This should be clean but not freshly washed.

We also have little carpets to pop on the floor during cold spells to prevent chilly feet, and in the back bedrooms we have raised, carpeted wooden pallets for dogs to sleep on, or to put their own beds onto. We also have steps and stools so that very little or less agile dogs will not have to struggle to get up onto their sofa.

We prefer to use our own pet dishes and water bowls to prevent personal items getting mixed up in the washing up process. We have elevated stands for taller dogs.

For hygiene reasons we do not provide toys- please feel free to bring your dog’s own toys.

What you must to remember to bring:

  • Your dog (!)
  • Their vaccination card
  • Any necessary medication

Optional extras to bring:

  • Food (advisable if on a special diet), own bedding, favourite toys & treats

What are the complimentary meals?

Our kennel kitchen supplies a complete food.  We usually serve this with a small amount of tinned meat for added taste.  

Dogs are fed twice a day – after their morning and afternoon exercise. We also have treats and nibbles for all our guests. Please advise us if your pet has any food preferences or intolerances.

Can I bring my own food?

If you prefer you are welcome to bring your dog’s own food.  Sometimes this can be helpful for dogs or on specialist diets, and can minimise any tummy upsets.

Due to the possibility of cross contamination between different raw foods for individual dogs, we do not feed any raw meats.

We have both a fridge and freezer to store individual cooled and frozen meals.

What about vaccinations?

If your dog has not been boarded at kennels before you may not be aware of the Kennel Cough vaccine, which is not administered in routine booster vaccinations; you will have to request this from your vet.

The Kennel Cough Vaccine is mandatory at least 15 days prior to boarding with us, between May and December; although we would still encourage it outside of these months. 

Kennel Cough is much like the human flu and highly contagious; it can be very unpleasant for any dog and can be fatal. It is also  largely preventable with the Kennel Cough vaccine.

Additionally please do not forget routine flea and worming administrations: time these so they are fully effective throughout their stay.

What if my dog is on medication?

We are happy to administer any medication your dog may require during boarding- this is at no extra cost. Please ensure that you provide an adequate supply for his/her stay, labelled clearly

Can dogs share accommodation?

We are usually happy to have  three dogs from the same family sharing a kennel; our larger kennels can comfortably accommodate families of dogs used to living together.

How much exercise will my dog get?

All dogs are walked twice daily in our spacious fields- in the mornings and afternoons, before meals.

The amount of time they get depends very much on the weather and the dog. Some dogs are happy to just stretch their legs and then want to get ready for dinner whilst others run and sniff around and never get bored- so we do our best to give them plenty of time to enjoy themselves. 

Will my dog be exercised with other dogs?

We do not generally mix dogs, however, if your dog is particularly sociable and you think they would prefer some doggie company, let us know! We will then endeavour let them share the fields with like-minded dogs. 

Similarly if your friends or family’s dogs are boarding at the same time and you wish your dogs to be taken for their runs together while they stay with us- in this case it is nice for the dogs to be able to socialise with their usual “friends”.

When are the kennels heated?

The kennels each have their own individual heaters. On any cold nights these will all be turned on- we will not let our guests get chilly! There is an additional charge of £1.00 per day for the individual heating.

We use our discretion and turn heating on as we think necessary, however, if you want to be sure that your dog has a heated kennel, let us know- particularly if your dog is used to sleeping indoors in a warm house.

What about bitches in-season?

Special care is needed and means that we need to plan both her accommodation and exercise.  Please advise us if she is due to come into season at any time during her stay.

Please bring your own blankets and bedding.  We will not board an un-neutered dog and the bitch from the same family if she is in season- we don’t want any little Frogs Hall puppies!

Terms and Conditions