Daily Rates

Boarding Fees 2020

Single dog boarding £20.50
Two dogs sharing accommodation £34.50
Three dogs sharing accommodation £40.50
Puppies under 6 months +£1.00 daily
Individual heating +£1.00 daily


All rates are daily, including the day of arrival and departure.

Minimum  charge:  daily boarding rate plus £5.00

If you collect your dog between 10 – 11 a.m no charge will be made for the departure day.

Meals are complimentary; you are welcome to bring your dog’s own favourite food but there will be no reduction in fee. 

Special dietary needs and medications are accommodated at no extra cost, however these must be supplied by you.

Insurance cover up to £2000 is included in the daily rate (owner’s excess £60)

Boarding fees and the initial booking deposit may be paid with cash, cheque or card.

We do not accept American Express and apologise for any inconvenience caused.